Delegate Your Accounting Obligations?

How much extra time and energy would be available if you did not need to worry about managing and running your accounting department?


Many businesses already leverage their skills by outsourcing.  The larger companies are very aggressive in this area.  Small to mid sized businesses should take notice, learn and adapt.


Delegating your accounting functions is cost effective and can reduce your year-end tax work and fees.


In almost all cases, the cost of delegating your accounting will be less than doing it in-house. How can they do that? By employing well designed systems and processes using highly trained staff.

Your accounting costs are not just comprised of your staffs' salaries, but also other direct costs such as payroll taxes, worker's compensation, medical insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits like vacation and sick days. Additionally, there are the indirect costs of interviewing, hiring and training the members of your accounting department, and the ongoing cost of managing and maintaining the department.




  1. More accurate and timely information
  2. Easy to use and learn
  3. Eliminate the burden of supervising your accounting department
  4. Our staff is always available to assist you - no more vacation down time!
  5. Our services are easily scaled to meet your changing needs
  6. Allows your management team to focus on core business elements, not crunching numbers


Whether you have an accounting department of 1 or 30 full time employees – you save time, money and energy by delegating your accounting to our trained professionals.




  • All or partial accounting department functions
  • Controller and CFO support
  • Customizable service levels



THE PROCESS - 3 Easy Steps...

  1. Preliminary assessment
  2. Agreement on scope of services
  3. Transition the work to our staff

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