Thank you for your excellent support. 




I must say that I am not easily impressed. You people are VERY impressive! K.U.



FANTASTIC! I needed a forensic accountant to help me with a very emotional and difficult situation involving trust accounting. Garry Jones took what I thought was very complicated and was able to make it easy to understand. Garry helped me immensely to prevail in my legal matter. I recommend Garry Jones and his firm without any reservation. Garry Jones is great to work with and to rely on. I am so very happy that I chose Garry Jones & Associates to help me, and I found his pricing to be very reasonable for the services provided.  J.W. - Former Trustee



Garry and Veena are very professional and qualified accountants and also their staff. His services are wonderful and efficient. We own and operate a small business and have been using his services for 3 years now and for sure we'll keep using their services. They're very strong also when you need to dispute some issue with the IRS or with the State of Board Equalization. Regarding pricing they are not cheaper but quality has to be paid. A.G. - Partnership Partner



Garry has been my accountant for many years and has helped me on several projects. I always appreciate his advice and input. S.M. - Indv. Tax Payer



Garry is an exceptional accountant and also his staff. His services are wonderful and efficient. I own and operate a small business and have been using his services for 2 years now. However his cost is really high. An example is 500.00 deposit and after taxes are complete I got charged another 409.00 dollars. Over 900.00$ to file my taxes this year. He is not cheap. There is an exception though and that is that you pay your accountants well. Any business owner will tell you that. My taxes for the year were 700.00 total. So you may pay the accountant but he will eek every penny he can to save money on your tax. He also does financial advising on what to do and changes to make financially throughout the year. So I know you’re expensive but in the long run I know your value. Thank you Garry and staff for doing such a wonderful job. B.O. - Business Owner



I have been their client for the past 3 years.  They are excellent at what they do, fast, friendly, knowledgeable and on your side! S.S. - Indv. Tax Payer



"Thank you for your services and help in our business issues. I truly appreciate it.

M.E. - S- corp owner


"Garry A. Jones & Associates is a very professional, highly skilled and qualified firm 

Staff is equally very detailed and accuracy is a priority.  I would, without hesitation, recommend this firm for all your business needs" P.H. - Indv. Tax Payer



"Garry Jones and Associates is a GREAT, PROFESSIONAL, and CUSTOMER SERVICE oriented firm. All my documentation was on time and correct, never had a situation where I had to call them due to a mistake. They follow up and answer my questions with professionalism and are always very polite. I highly recommend Garry Jones and Associates for all your accounting needs."  J.S. - Business Owner



"Garry and Julia are responsive and helpful. They take care of our financial and tax needs so that we can attend to our primary business. Garry's and upstanding professional - someone I undoubtedly trust."  G. A. - Managing Partner



"The office of Garry A. Jones and Associates helped me clean up a huge mess made by a previous accounting firm. They reorganized the entire financial picture for myself and my tow companies, until we were ready to face a federal audit we needed to go through as part of a grant application process. All the members of the staff are friendly, and helpful, and not only has the company done a great job technically, I've also really enjoyed working with them. I'm grateful for the help they've given us, and I strongly recommend them for accounting matters, including tax issues, business management, and personal financial management. Garry A. Jones and Associates are a great company, and have helped us tremendously."  M.S. - CEO: S-Corp, C-Corp, & Startup



"I have been their client for the past 3 years.  They are excellent at what they do, fast, friendly, knowledgeable and on your side!" S.S. - Indv. Taxpayer 



"Garry Jones and Associates has been a very good accounting service that I've been using for the past 7 years, they are friendly and knowledgeable, answer all my questions and get all the work done in a timely fashion." B. M. - Business Owner: S-Corp 



"Timing could not have been more perfect! During this Holiday Season, I want to express my appreciation to Garry and his wonderful Team! VCCDC is a non-profit organization and have been working with Garry since early 2014. VCCDC transitioned its operations and thanks to Garry, the transition was very smooth and saved the organization thousands of dollars! I can't thank them enough for their time, commitment, dedication and willingness to learn the non-profit world. The Garry Jones & Associates is a group of folks, who are very professional, knowledgeable, and experienced in their field. I strongly recommend them for any of your accounting/financing needs. Thank you Garry and Team for you on-going support." B. G. - Non-Profit: Executive Director



"Garry's firm is well organized and they care about your needs. Work is done in a timely manner and fees are reasonable. I would recommend my friends and family to them for their accounting needs." G.J. - Sole Proprietor



"Recently I was considering to purchase a business and met with the owner and the broker a few times. But I wanted to do my own research regarding the potential business for sale. I know the broker is most likely leaning towards the seller, after all he was representing them. Garry A. Jones & Associates came recommended by a mutual friend.  It was a nice feeling to know that I had some of the "bigger hitters" in my camp looking out for my best interest. From the first meeting Garry and his team have been very professional and understood exactly where I was coming from. They studied my deal carefully and asked a lot of questions. They presented me enough feedback so I was able to make my own decision regarding the deal.  Truly a great experience working with them. It is always better to be safe than sorry."  T. H. - Business Owner



"My husband and I have been with Garry A. Jones & Associates for five years. We feel they are professional, knowledgeable and treat us like family. Returns are completed quickly and accurately.  In the ever-changing world of tax accounting, Garry A. Jones & Associates keeps on top of new laws, deductions and allowances. The fees are reasonable and even on April 15th, the staff remains calm and takes the time to answer questions and work with clients. Highly recommended!"  K. S. - Individual Taxpayer



"We have been using Garry Jones’s CPA services since 2001. From the beginning, Garry and his team have been very professional and they have performed with integrity, all the tasks that we set before them (and some that we didn’t think of, which was a good thing). Garry has always been responsive to any of our concerns, and made sure that he resolved them personally, if necessary. His staff has been consistent and persistent, to assure that we met all deadlines with the State and the IRS. One of the great things about this firm is the commitment to making my business run smoother. They are on the cutting edge of technology with QuickBooks including online invoicing, remote access and more. I would and do gladly recommend Garry Jones to any that ask me for a good, honest and able CPA."  S. B. - Maintenance Services



"Life would be much easier if other organizations were as competent as you and the rest of your team."  D.H. - Retailer


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